Besprechung am Dach von Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf iPad
Besprechung am Dach von Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf

Competent performance diversity for our clients

All services of WELTMANN at a glance. What can we do for you today, dear customer?


You can take this for granted:

There are two fundamental elements to our offered services. These are:


Your success is our goal.

We as a company, want to make money and grow. This is only possible when you, as a customer, are content with our service. It’s only then that you tell your friends about us. That is our engine.


100 % comfort for you

We take care of all the bureaucracy that needs to be handled. If you work with us, you won’t have to rush from authority to authority. We do that for you. We also work digitally. This is not only good for the environment; it is highly time efficient as well.

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Do you want to sell a property?

The sale of a property is in any case a big step. In our first consultation, we always try to listen empathetically and carefully, considering all your desires. While we do that, we concentrate on everything nonverbal that might be in your favor. Active listening is the be-all and end-all of our business. Our real estate agency differs from all the others in 3 aspects.


We find additional value

The list price of your property is 400.000 €? Okay, but we are not ready here. Our experts will analyze your property precisely and find what others are missing.

Your house has the only south exposure terrace of the whole street. Also, the trees behind your house are filtering outside noise coming from the street extremely well.

That’s why your property is worth 450.000 € rather than 400.000 €. Others would have missed this information, but these details are our expertise.


Target group marketing

Determining the added value is one thing. Selling it is another. Here too, you can count on our experts’ well-trained eyes.

Our sales experts of WELTMANN immediately see which group of people are potentially interested parties for your property. Is your property interesting for a dentist with two children or maybe for the young manager and his wife? With this kind of information, we can market your house goal-oriented and avoid scatter loss while advertising.


Marketing power pack

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Would you like to process everything discreetly?

With pleasure. If you wish, we will sell your property discreetly.

You can keep your anonymity, but your property will be sold with just as good of service.


Real estate.
The smart investment!

Investing capital into concrete is a smart thing to do. Even our grandparents knew that. We will gladly support you on your way to a safe return and help you to get more out of your money. Our investment experts will be pleased to sit down with you and discuss your expectations. Based on your desired outcome, we can design a customized investment strategy. The special nature of this is that because of our far-reaching network. We can hear things hidden for other people. We invest your money into real estate other people don’t even know are to be sold yet. Your safe return is our goal. Risky speculations are not for us. We know the responsibility you are placing into our hands. We provide absolute transparency so you can sleep peacefully. You can contact us at any moment to get information about developing your portfolio.

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Would you like to
buy real estate?

We are happy to support you throughout the purchase of your dream property. We take this process seriously. You are taking a big step and we want to ensure that you move in with a great gut feeling.

Let us know about your desires and preferences, and we will search the market meticulously so you won’t have to compromise. We will also ask around what is for sale off the market. Thus what isn’t even up for sale.

And the financing matters? Our team keeps contact with over 300 banks. Financing can be checked within 36 hours online. We make sure that not only living in your dream house but also buying it is pleasant and enjoyable.


Strong partner for
real estate developers

As a property developer, you probably have only one wish: Building. WELTMANN takes care of all secondary interests so that you can concentrate on your expertise. Our particular services for real estate developers are designed to ensure sustainable success for construction projects.

WELTMANN - Beton-starker Partner für Bauträger

Other services

renovation - WELTMANN Immobillienmakler Düsseldorf

Restructuring measures

Broad network of craftsmen and specialists.

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Capital procurement for construction projects

Reasonable budget for every vision.

Grundstücke Neubau​

Properties new construction

Cost-effective constructing. From 0 to real estate.


Project development

Design, planning and execution.

Potenzialanalyse Ihres Grundstücks.​

Potential assessment of your property.

Make the best out of your property.

Immobilien Marketing​

Real estate marketing

Let your property be on everyone’s lips.

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We will be pleased to arrange a personal consulting appointment with you.

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